I provide design support services to Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Facility Management and Manufacturing clients, including the following:

  • SOK710133141Measured as-built services for Facility Management, Maintenance or Upgrades. I use a Sokkia Cygnus KS 102P 2 Second Total Engineering Surveying Station to measure and document large and/or complex geometry buildings. This Total Station has a 2 second accuracy as well as reflectorless mode to measure hard- or dangerous-to-reach building features. I also use Bluetooth enabled Leica, Bosch and Hilti hand held laser measuring devices.
  • 3D-based 3D and 2D design documentation.
  • Simple, sketch, shaded or photo-realistic renderings. These are great persuasive tools to help you get new projects or to help you convince government agencies to approve your design. I have successfully help architects and developers pull Conditional Use Permits.
  • Patent or Manufacturing Drawings for inventions or custom manufactured objects.