Call me to setup an in-depth analysis and evaluation of your current procedures, methods and technologies. Think of this as a key diagnostic first step towards continuous improvement. The analysis includes the following major items:

  • Identify the products and services your organization provides.
  • Locate the data generated in support of each product or service. Document current graphical and non-graphical drafting and design standards.
  • Determine the procedures in use for manipulating the data. In particular, find repetitive, complex and tedious tasks that lend themselves to computer automation and even Artificial Intelligence (AI). Improve the methods you use. In particular, for AEC clients, make sure you understand Building Information Modeling (BIM) method or process.
  • Assess how sophisticated the users who manipulate the data are.
  • Prioritize production tasks.
  • Judge the performance for each task.
  • Optimize items in their order of priority. Implement Technology Improvements by making strategic software and hardware upgrade decisions. Improve technology budget usage.